“Are you focusing on the frame or seeing the picture?”


Eeva Jaakonsalo is the founding manager of Andas Ltd.  She has over 20 years of experience in management consulting and corporate coaching. She is a business coach (ACC), emotional intelligence coach and a mindfulness instructor (Advanced Teacher Training).

Eeva coaches top corporate executives, supervisors and experts, and is a trusted speaker at companies, customer events and seminars. Eeva is also an experienced and highly regarded facilitator.

Eevas trainings will give you mental tools that have an impact on business development.

During my career in strategic consulting, advertising, and training, I’ve always worked with business development and leadership and been involved in numerous large change projects.

In 2000, I learned about mindfulness and noticed its direct impact on my focusing skills, productivity, and well-being. I understood immediately that these skills are desperately needed in today’s working life. Any project will benefit from people being able to observe and steer their minds and their concentration.

I travelled to Sweden to attend mindfulness instructor training, because at that time advanced teacher trainings were not available in Finland. I had taken my coaching diploma already earlier but quite soon I noticed that of all coaching tools, mindfulness is the best. Actually, it’s the only one you need.

We really enjoyed Andas training at Neste. It was a great solution for supporting the wellbeing of the team. It was also
very much needed with the remote work that increased the feeling of insecurity and stress load in our personnel.


— Markko Rajatora, Vice President,
Business Processes, Neste Corporation