Andas is a pioneer in Finland in bringing mindfulness and emotional intelligence into business development and leadership. Andas’ philosophy rests on three pillars: supporting our clients’ strategic objectives, ensuring employees’ working ability, and bringing dignity into work.

Better (self-)leadership

The objective of our individual and group trainings is to provide better leadership, both when leading self and others, under change and pressure.

Conscious self-leadership is a prerequisite for encountering others and collaborating with impact. Thus, all development is built on good self-knowledge, stress regulation, time management and recovery.

Finding dignity at work

Dignity stands for three things: Firstly, our own perception of self-respect and self-esteem. Secondly, the understanding that others value us as well, and thirdly, our ability to manifest good will and respect towards others. These are essential for our wellbeing and working ability.

In an organizational context, the role of dignity is essential when working under pressure or in demanding tasks. As a leader, comprehending and managing own dignity is a prerequisite for encountering and leading others.

Developing true dignity takes practice. When under stress or pressure, we are often self-critical and running on autopilot. Emotions such as fear of failure, hesitation or shame steer our actions more than we know. We can, however, learn to observe and regulate these and start leading our behaviour consciously.

Effective training methods

Andas’ training programs and tools combine classroom teaching and digital tools with own practice. Andas has one foot firmly in research, and Andas’ trainings and results have been validated in many academic studies.

During our training programs, learning occurs on three levels:  (1) rational learning or receiving new information, (2) experiential learning or practicing and  (3) deep learning or reflection; observing own experiences and insights.

Scalable services and tools

An important part of own development is daily practicing. Our clients get access to the Andas Life training application, with which they can do own mental training exercises between training sessions and after them.

Experience shows that all mental training is more effective if you share it with someone. Thus, the Andas Life training program contains the possibility to activate the training application for 1-3 family members or friends without additional cost.

Leading your mind is central for business development

My long background in strategy consulting ensures that all our trainings aim primarily at enhancing business results.

Training programs are investments, both in terms of money and time, and it is important that they pay off as increased effectivity. The feedback we have received from our clients proves that Andas’ trainings do exactly that.



In which mental state do you spend your time? And your team?    

Our leadership training ”Game fields of the mind” develops your leadership skills and your teams psychological safety with the help of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. You will get tools for leading yourself and others sustainably and effectively.


Game fields of the mind

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