Andas Ltd. is an expert in understanding how the mind and leadership go together. In the current situation, we offer a new virtual program for executives and leaders: Lead Your Mind. The program gives you insights and tools for leading in uncertainty, helping people focus on their work, enhancing the feeling of safety and coping with the new reality.

Choose the modules that best serve your needs:

Andas Executive Webinar. A short and sharp introduction to what is needed of leaders in this unsecure situation. A scientific approach to how we can lead our minds and enhance resilience in individuals and organizations. Duration 30 min.

Andas Live Webinar ”Leading in Uncertainty” for leaders and supervisors. Duration 60–90 min. Understand how the mind works under uncertainty. Gain support and practical tools for daily leadership, including virtual leadership. The response of this webinar has been excellent. Outline of the webinar:

• When VUCA World becomes reality • Our core need: to feel safe • The brain in alert mode • How you as a leader can create safety • Leading thoughts and emotions • Be steady and supportive: Practical advice for day-to-day leadership

Andas Recorded Webinar ”The Mind in Turmoil”, a session for leaders and supervisors to watch together with own team. Duration 30 min.

Andas Live Webinar 2 ”Sharing is Caring” for leaders and supervisors. This Q&A -webinar is for questions that have risen in the team discussions. Eeva Jaakonsalo will coach and train. Additionally, leaders get to share own experiences and support each other. Duration 60 min.

Andas Tools for the Mind™. A tool contains a short explanation for how to use the tool as well as a template to fill in. Can be used individually or within your team. Functions as a good basis for discussion.

  • Game Fields of Stress™, gives your team a vocabulary and framework for recognizing and regulating emotions. Includes the Handbook “Game Fields of StressTM” in pdf format.
  • Circles of Control, clarifies and helps to recognize what we can and cannot control, and what we thus should focus our energy on.
  • Andas Life Mobile Training ApplicationTM designed expressly to support the mind under uncertainty, strain, stress or anxiety. The program builds upon Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) as well as Andas Oy’s years of mindfulness and leadership training experience.

The Lead Your Mind program can be built of these modules according to your needs and includes participation in the chosen webinars, rights to the recorded webinars, team tools and Andas Life training licenses. The program is available in English and Finnish.

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